Sustainable engineering resins

The Lavergne Group’s Engineering Resins are manufactured from high quality recycled resins. Be it rPET, rPC, rHIPS or rPP, our raw material quality is ensured by our demanding requirements from suppliers and our demanding qualifications that are controlled through our Certified Laboratory.

The Lavergne Group Engineering Resins are used in many technically demanding applications. These applications are varied and include Certified Automobile Industry applications, applications in the Electronics and Printing Industry as well a Sustainable applications in the furniture industry.

In each application our customers benefit from the technical performance of these resins but also benefit from the Sustainability value of these products.

The Lavergne Group is committed to the manufacture of high quality, high performance engineering resins. Our technical team supports each customer application with many years of academic and industry experience. This knowledge has permitted our customers to benefit from the most recent technology aligned with Sustainable Engineering Resin applications.

High performance, sustainable engineering resins

Quality, Consistency, Performance and Competitive Cost are the essential for any resin to be qualified in any customer application. The Lavergne Group Engineering Resins provide all of those qualities to our customers.

The additional benefit of using The Lavergne Group Resins is the sustainability value of our resins that are made possible with the use of the highest quality recycled resins (rPET, rPC, rHIPS, and rPP) available.

Industry is more aware that generating a high Carbon Footprint has a detrimental impact on our environment. Industry is also aware that by using recycled resins this reduces the demand on our resources that can therefore be harnessed for use by future generations. The Lavergne Group supports our Customers’ Sustainability Strategies by producing for them Engineering Resins that measure up to their Sustainability requirements.