Our Company Services

Performance Compounds (Alloys & Composites)

Our focus is designing, developing, and manufacturing high-value sustainable engineering resins (alloys and composites) using as base polymers rPET, PBT (virgin), rPC (Polycarbonate), rPC/ABS, rHIPS and rPP.

Our compounds can provide various structural, wear resistant, flame retardant, and color properties in over 25 engineering resins and alloys.

Environmental Solutions

When The Lavergne Group works with customers, we bring over 60 years of combined technical expertise and experience in the field of polymer chemistry. We combine chemistry with innovation, tailoring our products and environmental solutions to ensure sustainability, performance, quality, and customer service.

The Lavergne Group and HP – Development of a Closed Loop System
HP has always been highly successful in the design and manufacture of office equipment solutions. In addition, they are a leader on the environmental front by offering one of the easiest, free recycling programs of used ink cartridges in the industry. Rather than having ink cartridges go into landfills, the HP recycling program returns used cartridges to the Lavergne Group, who reprocesses the ink cartridge plastic into raw material that is again used in new ink cartridges.

With the Closed loop process, resin that is generated from the used cartridges, is integrated into new resin that is processed to produce new original HP cartridges.

Lavergne has designed similar processes that can be used in other industries to produce other product lines such as plastic parts used in the automotive and electronic industries as well as furniture and appliances.