Our mission

Our mission is to help our customers increase their sales while helping to improve the positioning in their markets and strengthen their brands. Lavergne does this in a responsible and sustainable manner for our environment our businesses and society.

Concretely, Lavergne uses recycled materials, uses and promotes sustainable business practices, and uses the strengths of our business relationships, the technical expertise of our R&D, operations, marketing & sales teams to achieve the mission.

...when our customers succeed, Lavergne succeeds...

What do we expect from this approach?

We expect to develop partnerships with customers and suppliers that have a desire to make the world better , healthier and sustainable for the future generations.

We hope to develop an improved awareness from our organisation of the importance of economic success as a manner to improve organisational, social and environmental liveliness & sustainability and benefits for our employees, customers, suppliers and sharholders.

…. and be successful for future generations…