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Understanding Circular Plastics

The world is changing. Plastic is too.

Circular Plastics

Circular Plastics

Circular Plastics

Understanding Circular Plastics

The world is changing. Plastic is too.

Our facilities, as well as our entire organization, are solely dedicated to making recycled resins.

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Circular Plastics
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What makes a circular plastic ecosystem?

Because we’re always on a quest to make things better.

At Lavergne, we make plastic circular.We combine innovative thinking and research to design and implement everlasting collaborative ecosystems. High-quality recycled plastic is used in the production chain of a specific product creating an infinite circle.

In other words, together, we make plastic really sustainable. These ecosystems can reduce your environmental impact considerably. At Lavergne, we can track, measure and report it to you. And because these ecosystems are only made possible in collaboration with our suppliers, our partners and naturally, our clients, we help you design them.


Why migrate to circular plastics?

Because virgin plastic is no more an option for our planet.

Every week, you see it in the news. Plastic is polluting our planet at an alarming rate. We must stop producing virgin plastic and learn to better recycle existing plastic. We must reduce our impact. Environmental responsibility is our first pillar of sustainability.

Every day you see it on your social media feed. Plastic has bad press. People and institutions are banning single use plastics. We now live in a world where corporations and manufacturers have to listen and embrace circular economy models. Social responsibility is our second pillar of sustainability.

Profitability is an essential part of any successful business. At Lavergne, we design circular ecosystems that are far more profitable and sustainable for our clients than any other traditional method of production. Business Profitability is our third pillar of sustainability.


How to implement a circular ecosytem?

We have a process for that. Talk to us.

Need for change is something fairly easy to understand. But implementing real change can be tough. At Lavergne, we make it simple for you. Our experts are there all along the way to help you assess your reality and the best way to introduce, design and implement circular ecosystems in your company.

Call us to know more about our unique step-by-step process to make your plastic circular.

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