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Something exciting is brewing! Lavergne’s collaboration with Keurig Dr Pepper Canada offers good news in every sip!

Yoan Lavergne
4th Dec 2020 | 3 min read

Lavergne’s history offers many inspiring stories about diverting Ocean-Bound Plastics (OBP), using innovative technologies to create Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) plastics, and creating  Closed Loop processes where we take old plastics and give them new life in new products.

These inspiring stories are especially great when our recycled plastics take shape as household products which were historically made with virgin plastics. Those are the items people use in their everyday lives, often as part of their daily rituals — like that first sip of morning coffee when they greet a new day.

Lavergne’s work is now part of that daily ritual.


Keurig Dr Pepper Canada Using Lavergne PCR Plastics

In November, Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) Canada announced that new coffee makers were made with Lavergne’s PCR plastics. The announcement launched:

  • Keurig ® K-Mini ® coffee maker in black made with at least 20% PCR plastic
  • K-Mini Plus ® coffee maker in black made with at least 30% PCR plastic

Both coffee makers are made with Lavergne’s matte black plastics.

Keurig Dr Pepper Canada offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages under more than 60 flagship brands, including Canada Dry, Mott’s Clamato, Van Houtte, Timothy’s, as well as Keurig® making single serve coffee makers.

The KDP-Lavergne partnership has been progressing significantly over the past two years: 18 months of development work followed by six months to develop and hone a best-selling product.

The collaboration and outcome are inspiring.


A Commitment to Sustainability

Keurig Dr Pepper’s collaboration with Lavergne marks a significant step towards sustainability.

For KDP, the announcement complements its goal of using 30% PCR content across its packaging portfolio by 2025, as outlined in its corporate responsibility platform Drink Well. Do Good.

For Lavergne, it’s another step towards our commitment to help partner brands embrace the circular economy and establish a Closed Loop process — a process where plastic products are recycled and given a second life as new ones.

KDP and Lavergne are already looking ahead at the next big leap towards a circular economy: a complete closed-loop process, which consists of integrating recycled plastic coming from reclaimed Keurig coffee makers into new ones.

Jean-Luc Lavergne, fondateur et PDG, et Stéphane Glorieux, de Keurig Dr Pepper Canada

Two Canadian Leaders — A True Partnership

Lavergne working in partnership with Keurig Dr Pepper is a great Canadian story.

In many ways, this collaborative work marks the future for our local economy and society. Together the two companies remain committed to:

Lavergne and Keurig Dr Pepper working together is a real partnership, with each company putting its energies towards the shared goal of creating successful consumer products.


Collaboration. Sustainability. Innovation. 

Lavergne and our collaborative partners are transforming the way companies and households think about plastic products. With the right technology and partnerships, it is possible that the world already has enough plastics to fulfill its needs.

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